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Jamal Fakhro: Countries Participating in IPU Meetings in Bahrain to Cover their Own Expenses

2023-03-06 - 6:18 p

Bahrain Mirror: First Deputy Chairman of the Shura Council, Chairman of national organizing committee of 146th IPU Assembly, Jamal Fakhro affirmed that the meetings of what he called "the largest conference in the history of Bahrain" will be at the expense of the representatives of the participating countries and not on the host country, Bahrain.

During a seminar organized by the Bahrain Institute for Political Development, on Sunday, March 5, 2023, Fakhro confirmed that "the meetings will take place at the Exhibition and Convention Center in Sakhir, between March 11 and 15, 2023." He also denied the news published on social media outlets that the Kingdom would bear the hosting cost of participants in the meetings. 

He explained that each participating parliament will cover the expenses of its representatives in the meetings.

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