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Salam, BFHR Warn of Consequences of Retaliation against Abdulwahab Hussein by Depriving him of Treatment

2023-04-20 - 6:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: "Salam for Democracy and Human Rights" and the "Bahrain Forum for Human Rights" called on the regime to release detained political figure Abdulwahab Hussein, who is being subjected to medical negligence, by being deprived of his medical appointments and treatment.

Salam said in a tweet via "Twitter" that "political detainee Abdulwahab Hussein faces medical negligence that he is being exposed to and is deprived of his appointments in external hospitals. He suffers from old age pain and is prevented from using crutch that he needs to walk, which makes his health condition worse."

The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights said that "the security authorities in the prison administration continue to perpetuate deprivation of treatment as a means of revenge and political malice against prisoners of conscience."

It added that despite Abdulwahab Hussein's health problems, Jaw prison administration continues to prevent him of treatment.

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