Dismissal of Salman Atiyatullah from Leadership of King Hamad Hospital Confirmed

2023-05-04 - 2:27 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Different information indicated that the king had dismissed or at least pushed the Minister of Follow-up at the Royal Court, Ahmed bin Atiyatullah Al Khalifa, behind the scenes, as well as his brother, Major General Salman Atiyatullah Al Khalifa, commander of King Hamad Hospital.

With time, different sources of information began to confirm that the man of dirty missions, Ahmed Atiyatullah, has been shoved to the back rows after he was investigated about the embezzlement of hundreds of millions. 

The man who used to carry out the plan to destroy, exclude and marginalize the Shiite community, manipulate political life and create organizations and activists within civil society, and the man known for the continuous tampering with elections and their outcomes, and expanding sectarian and foreign employment structures in the body of the state, has now been pushed to the back.

A little late, the royal court leaked news via the Al-Ayyam newspaper, which is owned by the king's media adviser, revealing the appointment of Colonel Dr. Sheikh Salman bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa as Acting Commander of King Hamad University Hospital. This post is that of General Salman Atiyatullah, which categorically means that Salman was excluded and pushed into the back ranks as is the case with his brother Ahmed.

The newspaper explained in its way that this appointment has been made a while ago, and said that the hospital administration had organized earlier an introductory meeting in the presence of a group of heads of departments and employees of the hospital on the occasion of the appointment of Colonel Salman bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa as acting commander of the hospital, who is a pediatric.

Circulating information, a part of which Bahrain Mirror published, indicates that Ahmed Atiyatullah embezzled 400 million dinars (about one billion dollars) from public funds, with the participation of his brother, the (former) commander of King Hamad Hospital, Salman bin Atiyatullah Al Khalifa. The number of involved people is expected to increase.

The main supporters of Al Atiyatullah family are his uncles: Royal Court Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa and Bahrain Defence Force Commander Field Marshal Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa; the two men who are still close to the king and have his trust.

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