How Corrupt are Your Nephews: Where Did the Stolen 4 Million Go?

Royal Court Minister involved in embezzlement of 400 million dinars
Royal Court Minister involved in embezzlement of 400 million dinars

2023-05-21 - 7:27 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, the current Royal Court Minister, presented a scheme to deal with the 1990s uprising. It was the same project mentioned in the Al Bandar report, as Khalid bin Ahmed was one of the extremists in the ruling family who called for the liquidation of the Shiite presence in Bahrain and besieging them publicly.

In 1995, Khalid wrote a notorious poem in which he openly and disgustingly outlined a policy on how to deal with Bahrain's Shia demands for reform. The poem was in response to another hateful poem written by the family poet Mohammed Ahmed Al Khalifa. 

Poet Mohammed Ahmed wonders, "What do the sons of Shobbar and Marhoun (who belong to the Shiite faith) want from the chaos they are causing for no reason." The current Royal Court Minister replied, "I have a solution for Shobbar and Marhoun's sons, dear Bu Mohammed tell our loved ones." What was this solution of his?

Khalid bin Ahmed's proposals were filled with killings, displacement and deprivation in a text that represents the ISIS extremist thought, which he and the Khawalid of his family believe in. This includes the leader of the Bahrain Defense Force, Field Marshal Khalifa bin Ahmed, and their nephews, the sons of Atiyattullah Al Khalifa.

The Al Bandar report plan, which his nephew Ahmad Atiyattullah came up with to exclude and marginalize Shiites, reflects all the ideas that his uncle mentioned in his hateful poem.

The report aimed to deprive Shiites of employment, scholarships, and public services such as housing services, target them with security measures, judicially punish them, as well as naturalize tens of thousands of Sunnis with the aim of changing the country's demography.

Ahmed Atiyattullah was the executive hand of Khalid bin Ahmed, who allowed him to carry out his hatred towards the Shiite community, and other ambitions for power and money, until he was dismissed finally after the infamous theft of millions angered the king and his sons.

Atiyattullah admitted that all the embezzlements, which some information estimated at 400 million dinars, were carried out with the knowledge of his uncle, the minister of the royal court, but the latter denied any connection despite his direct involvement. 

But what is Khalid bin Ahmed's solution for the problem of his nephews, the thieves, when he is asked about the 400 million BD they stole.

Khalid bin Ahmed described those demanding reform at the time as "the people of betrayal, cunning and misfortunes", and the truth is that the people of cunning and misfortunes are the ones who steal public money, tear society apart, and lead corruption operations in the country such as the likes of him and his nephews.

What would a poem in response to the theft in which he and his nephews Al Atiyattulah are involved in be?

Perhaps: Corruption, your nephews show...stolen 4 million, where did they go?

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