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Political Societies in Bahrain, Kuwaiti Progressive Movement, Arab Parties Conference Condemn Ibrahim Sharif's Arrest, Demand his Release

Ibrahim Sharif speaking during a sit-in in Manama
Ibrahim Sharif speaking during a sit-in in Manama

2024-03-26 - 9:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's opposition party, Al-Wefaq Society, condemned the Bahraini regime's arrest of the former secretary-general of the Wa'ad Society, a prominent figure in the opposition, Ibrahim Sharif, "due to his political opinions criticizing government policies."

In a statement on Monday, March 24, 2024, Al-Wefaq demanded "the immediate release of Sharif and the cessation of the deep-seated policy of silencing adopted by the authorities, which reflects the crisis of the existing authoritarianism, despotism, and arrogance of the regime in exploiting all official means and institutions," adding that when it comes to public issues directly affecting citizens, people have the right to speak up and criticize them without any threat.

In a joint statement on Monday, the Nationalist Democratic Assembly, Progressive Tribune, and the Unitary National Democratic Assemblage called on "forces, parties, bodies, and institutions to condemn these repressive practices and demand the release of all political prisoners."

The three societies demanded "the immediate release of activist Ibrahim Sharif," stressing "the dire need of Bahrain for public freedoms and freedom of expression on public issues, supporting political and human rights work, and stopping the pursuit of political and human rights activists under banners of ‘reprehensible' charges."

In a statement on Monday, the "General Conference of Arab Parties" condemned "the arrest of Sharif and all forms of arbitrary detention and dissolution of political parties" in Bahrain.

The General Conference of Arab Parties called on "the honorable people of the nation and the free people of the world to stand by him, demanding his immediate release and the release of all political prisoners, namely His Eminence Sheikh Ali Salman, the imprisoned Secretary-General of  Al-Wefaq."

The "Kuwaiti Progressive Movement" expressed solidarity with Sharif in a statement and demanded Bahrain to "immediately release him," deeming him "a national figure against sectarianism and factionalism with a history of political struggle in Bahrain to uphold the principles and values of democracy, progress, and social justice, with his well-known positions of solidarity with the Palestinian cause and rejection of normalization with the Zionists."

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