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Muneer Mushaima: Violations Against Our Family Reached the Grandchildren for Demanding Our Rights.

Muneer Mushaima talking about violations against his family
Muneer Mushaima talking about violations against his family

2024-05-03 - 2:23 p

Bahrain Mirror: Muneer Mushaima, the brother of executed martyr Sami Mushaima, appealed to human rights organizations, activists, and people of conscience to support his family, which "is being subjected to many human rights violations."

In a video clip on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, Muneer Mushaima said, "Violations have now reached the grandchildren, and because of the family's positions in demanding rights, many of its sons have become victims."

"Martyr Sami Mushaima was executed, Rida Mushaima was sentenced to life imprisonment, while Abdul Zahraa Mushaima was released from prison after 7 years, mentally impaired, and finally, the grandson Mohammad Muneer Mushaima was sentenced to 3 months in prison," he added.

Muneer Mushaima wondered, "When will these violations against our family stop?"

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