Nafeesa Al-Asfoor: I am Free and My Future is in my Hands

2015-07-05 - 5:28 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's security authorities released detainee Nafeesa Al-Asfoor who spent almost three years in prison. The authorities suddenly decided to release her tonight (July 3, 2015) and drop all charges against her in "the Formula 1 bombing case". Bahrain hosted the Formula 1 tournament in April 2013.

A Bahraini court has upheld in August 2014 a five-year prison sentence issued against Nafeesa Al-Asfoor and her friend Rayhana Al-Mosawi along with three others. The decision to release her did not include Rayhana Al-Mosawi, who was convicted in the same case as Nafeesa's, as reports indicated that Rayhana is to remain in custody pending investigation over another case.

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