Jaffaria Endowments Administration Breaks Into Mosque in Jid Ali & Police Summons Mosques Imam

2015-11-11 - 2:08 am

Bahrain Mirror: Active Twitter and Facebook accounts circulated news stating that officials in Isa Town police station have summoned Sheikh Ali Salim, the Imam of the Al-Arbash Mosque, and interrogated him until the late hours of Saturday (November 7, 2015).

The accounts also mentioned that a number of Jaffaria Endowments' (Waqf) employees broke into the Al-Arbash mosque in Jid Ali by breaking the locks of the mosque's door and replacing them with new ones without a previous notice. When the residents asked the employees why they are breaking the locks, the Jaffaria Endowments administration claimed that Sheikh Ali Salim is using the mosque for personal purposes and that he requests cleaning detergents that cost more than 30 BD per month.

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: Bahrain Mirror
: http://www.bahrainmirror.com/en/news/27457.html