Salmaniya Complexs New Doctors without Salaries Since 3 Months

2015-12-28 - 11:36 p

Bahrain Mirror: A number of new assigned doctors in the Salmaniya Medical Complex said to the local Bahraini Al-Bilad newspaper, linked to the Deputy Prime Minister Ali bin Khalifa, that the "Ministry of Health has not deposited their salaries in their bank accounts since three months ago".

They noted that the Ministry of Health failed to pay them their salaries without an understandable or acceptable justifications. They appealed to Minister Faeka Al-Saleh to intervene to resolve this matter because of the accumulation of family obligations of the new doctors and hastily give the doctors compensations retroactively.

The new doctors, who are enrolled in the latest training program which the ministry has launched, confirmed their official assignment to work in various departments and that they finished all the required recruitment procedures earlier in October.

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: Bahrain Mirror