100 Unemployed Bahraini Nurses as Gov't Continues to Hire Foreigners

2016-02-02 - 9:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini graduates of Nursing from the School of Medical Sciences denounced the Health Ministry's continued employment of foreigners while they have been unemployed since their graduation in 2014. This came after the ministry hired a group of Asian nationals in nursing posts recently.

The graduates told the local Al-Wasat newspaper that "at a time that many statements were made saying that there are no unemployed nursing graduates, there are over 100 unemployed nurses who haven't been hired yet, although they have received licenses that allow them to take on this profession."

"We have been waiting for almost two years to be hired yet the Health Ministry has been only hiring a small number of graduates every now and then. Meanwhile, we were surprised to hear that the ministry recently made a number of interviews with foreign nurses, in order to hire them in medical centers and in the Salmaniya Medical Complex," they added.

The graduates further stated that "the ministry haven't posted employment ads for nursing since their graduation, yet they were surprised to hear that it hired a large number of nurses in private hospitals and the Salmaniya Medical Complex, although they have a diploma and not a bachelor's degree, which has been required since more than five years for nursing employment in Bahrain."

The graduates called on the officials to admit that there is a long list of unemployed nursing graduates, urging them to announce the current vacancies in the nursing field whether in medical centers or the Salmaniya Medical Complex.

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