Local Newspaper: 500 Retirement Application Submitted to "Ministry of Health" within Month

2016-06-06 - 5:15 am

Bahrain Mirror: The local Bahraini Al-Bilad newspaper owned by the son of the Prime Minister Ali Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa published on Sunday (June 5, 2016) that more than 500 retirement application have been submitted to the Ministry of Health within one month, after the government's approach to increase the retirement age from 60 to 65 and end to early retirement system and that of purchasing service years.

The newspaper said that executive managers, heads of departments, doctors, nurses, technicians and pharmacists were among the people who submitted retirement applications. Meanwhile, the ministry did not decide on several applications, especially that a lot of employees still hesitate to take such a step.

It added that some of the employees sought to buy years to finish retirement duration and finish the legal measures. Some even bought 5 years as they expected that a decision will be issued in this regards in August.

The total number of employees in the Ministry of Health is 9815; they work in different sectors affiliated to the ministry, while more than 5000 employees work in the Salmaniya Medical Complex.

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