Journalist Hayat Denies Charges Against Him, Court Adjourns Case till Nov. 2

2016-10-30 - 3:02 p

Bahrain Mirror: Journalist Faisal Hayat denied before the Small Criminal Court the accusation of him insulting a religious figure, and assaulting a certain community, in the case adjourned till November 2, 2016, to give time for review, response, and pleading.

Head of the Capital Province's Prosecution office, Nawaf al-Oudi, said that the Prosecution received information from the Department of Combating Cybercrimes, stating that a person (journalist Faisal Hayat), tweeted on his "Twitter" account a post that included expressions of insult against a religious figure. It added that Hayat also assaulted a certain community, which might lead to triggering conflict among the sects of the community.

Hayat had posted during Ashura a tweet about Yazid bin Moawiya, who ordered to killing of Imam Hussein

Days before this tweet, journalist Hayat wrote a post and addressed it to the Interior Minister, talking about the torture he suffered from in 2011, by members of the security apparatus. This post came after the Minister denied torture allegations against citizens by members of the security forces.

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