Appeals Court Upholds 15-Year Imprisonment, Citizen Revocation Verdict Against Defendant Accused of Shooting at Police in Sitra

2016-11-22 - 10:02 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Supreme Appeals Court, presided over by Mohammad bin Ali Al Khalifa, with the secretariat of Naji Abdullah, upheld a first-degree verdict ruling the imprisonment of a defendant accused of shooting at the police in Sitra. The court upheld the 15-year imprisonment and citizenship revocation sentence against him.

Attorney General and Chief of the Terror Crimes Prosecution, Ahmed Al-Hammadi, said that the details of the incident go back to March 22, 2015, when the defendant fired a number of shots at the security personnel, causing the injury of one of them.

The prosecution based its charges against him on evidence from eye witnesses and technical evidence.

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