Appeals Court: 15 Year Prison Sentence Against 3 Defendants Accused of Planting Explosive in Al Dair

2016-12-16 - 6:38 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Supreme Court of Appeal amended the first instance court's life sentence verdict to a 15-year imprisonment verdict against three defendants accused of planting an explosive to kill police officers in the town of Al Dair.

The First High Criminal Court had ruled a life imprisonment sentence against the 3 defendants in December 29, 2014, convicting them, along with others, of attempting to deliberately kill police officers.

The Attorney General back then Ahmed Al Hammadi, said that the court ruled its verdict against the 3 defendants convicted in attempting to kill the police officers, and cause and explosive for terrorism purposes.

The authorities reached the defendants through investigations, and the 3rd defendant confessed to what he was accused of. However, human rights organization say that confessions of detainees on political grounds are extracted under duress. They also add that Bahraini courts do not follow legal procedures that guarantee just trials, especially that judges are appointed by royal decrees.

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