Nizar Al-Qari to his Family: Bury Me Next to My Sister, Amnesty Launches Appeal for his Release

2017-05-16 - 5:42 p

Bahrain Mirror: Amnesty International launched on Monday (May 15, 2017) an appeal to release detainee Nizar Al-Qari, indicating that he is being tortured while in detention.

The organization said in a statement that on 5 May, Nizar Al-Qari, a member of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society's Consultative (Shura) Council was arrested by officers dressed in civilian clothing at his father in law's house in Rifa'a, southwest of the capital Manama, indicating that he was deprived of sleep and handcuffed behind his back for long periods of time.

On 8 May, Nizar al-Qari called his family and said he was being investigated at the CID about "something bigger". He also asked them to bring him clothes and his medication as he suffers from asthma, high blood pressure and heart palpitations.

The organization added that on 14 May, he called his family again. The family heard a voice next to Nizar telling him what to say. He repeatedly said that he was innocent and told his family to "bury me next to my sister". When his family asked him why he was saying that and if he was being tortured, the line went dead.

Amnesty International expressed fears that he may have been tortured and demanded his release.

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