Al-Wefaq Society: What Happened in Diraz a Heinous Crime, US & UK Bear Responsibility

2017-05-25 - 7:19 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said in a statement that the Bahraini regime has committed, with international complicity and silence, a heinous crime and historic sin and blatant violation of all international norms protecting the principles of human rights.

This comes in reference to the raid on the protest site in Diraz, near the house of Bahrain's Shiite majority religious leader, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, and the raid on his house. Also, the raid led to the arrest of around 300 citizens, injury of dozens, martyrdom of 5, and use of excessive force against peaceful protesters including men, women and children.

Al-Wefaq confirmed that the fate of Ayatollah Qassim is still unknown until this very moment, and despite the authorities' acknowledgment that he is at home, there aren't any clear information about his health status, due to lack of communication with him.

Moreover, the opposition party demanded that the names of remaining detainees and missing individuals to be revealed, so their parents would know their fate, and for the martyrs' families to do what is needed.

Al-Wefaq regarding what the authorities claimed about the security operation in Diraz, as misleading details, describing the operation as a brutal intrusion, further calling for the formation of an international commission of inquiry in this regard.

Also, it stressed the need to continue protests in the streets to express the state of protest and expanded popular anger, in various areas of Bahrain.

It indicated that the Bahraini people's choice to achieve radical change towards democracy is the right choice and will victor no matter how the circumstances become complicated. Al-Wefaq also noted that the Bahraini people will gain them their fair and legitimate rights regardless of the size of sacrifices.

Bahrain's Al-Wefaq blamed both the US administration and the United Kingdom for the crime of raiding the sacrifice arena in Diraz, stressing that they are responsible for the repercussions of this political adventure. They also bear responsibility for the safety of His Eminence Sheikh Isa Qassim, Al-Wefaq added.

Al-Wefaq concluded that the current structure of the rule is impervious to reform, rationality and balance. It clarified that the regime has exceeded all limits in provocation, sectarianism, and hostility against the political majority.

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