Bahrain: Security Authorities Attack Ashura Religious Manifestations

2017-09-20 - 4:12 am

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Activists said that the security authorities launched a campaign today morning targeting religious manifestations of Ashura, a religious occasion commemorated annually by Shia majority in the country. Ashura manifestations were took down in 4 Bahraini villages.

According to eyewitnesses, the security authorities removed on Tuesday (September 19, 2017) Ashura banners and flags from Shahrakan, Al-Malikiya, Karzakan and Jid Ali.

The authorities have been directly targeting Shia majority since 2011 for leading the popular movement that demands democratic transition and putting an end to Al Khalifa monopoly over power.

Around 4000 Shiite detainees, including dozens of clerics and prominent political dissidents, languish behind bars for political reasons.

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