Jaafaria Endowment Rejects Northern Governorate Council Accusations of Corruption & Negligence, Threatens to Sue

2017-10-13 - 3:56 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Jaafaria Endowment Administration rejected the allegations made by members of the Northern Governorate Council, accusing the Administration of corruption and negligence in the maintenance of mosques and cemeteries, and threatening to prosecute them.

In a statement, the Jaafaria Endowment strongly condemned the accusations made by a number of Northern Governorate municipal council members in its meeting last Monday, "and the similar fallacies and allegations that the Jaafaria Endowment Administration is neglecting maintenance works of mosques and cemeteries," adding that the Administration was surprised by the accusation of corruption as well that was made without offering any proof. "The Administration reserves its full right to prosecute the culprits of these allegations," it further noted.

It also stressed that "the repeated accusations made against the administration without any deterrents, mainly the accusation of corruption, are all charges that fall under criminal prosecution." The administration asserted that it is carrying out its duties to preserve and maintain mosques and obsequies and to develop endowments and places of worship."


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