New Parliamentary Request to Form Committee for Investigating Jaafaria Endowments Administration Violations

2018-01-19 - 7:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: Five members of the Bahraini Parliament submitted a new request for investigating the violations of the Jaafaria Endowments (Waqf) Administration. The five MPs are: Ali Hassan Al-Atish, Ali Yaqoub Al-Maqla, Mohammed Al-Emadi, Khalifa Al-Ghanem, and Isa Turki.

Among the most important objectives and issues to be addressed by the committee are: the dismissal of imams and muezzins, law violations by the Waqf Administration that require referral to Sharia courts, and law violations that require presenting investment plans to the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.

The request for the previous investigation had witnessed mass withdrawals of MPs, which led to dropping the request .

The signatories who are refiling this new request are: the initiator of the request Ali Al-Atish as well as Mohammed Al-Emadi and Isa Turki, while the new signatories are Ali Al-Maqla and Khalifa Al-Ghanem.

The MPs who are not part of this new request, compared to the previous are: Jamila Al-Sammak, Abdul Hamid Al-Najjar, Abbas Al-Madi, Roa Al-Hayeki, Mohammed Al-Jowdar, Adel Hamid and Abdul Rahman Buali.

It is worth to note that the new request limited the investigation to the offenses of the Jaafaria Waqf, while the previous request included both the Sunni and Jaafaria Waqf Administrations.


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