Administrative Court Rejects Bar Associationís Case against Justice Ministerís Decision Obligating Lawyers to Report on ďterrorism Funding and Money LaunderingĒ Suspicion

2018-03-02 - 10:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Administrative Court in Bahrain rejected the lawsuit filed by the Bahrain Bar Association against the decision issued by the Bahraini Minister of Justice No. (64) for the year 2017, regarding the obligations related to the procedures of banning and combating money laundering and terrorist funding in the legal profession and the foreign legal consultation offices in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as the auditing and control regulations.

Al-Badawi said in a statement that he will appeal against the ruling that did not accept the case in form, i.e. after receiving the merits of the verdict from the court.

It is worth noting that the decision sparked a whirlpool among in the legal community since the decision requires the law offices to take a number of measures.

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