Public Prosecution Says It Received Last Notice Regarding Fake Degrees 5 Years Ago

2018-08-22 - 10:01 am
Public Prosecution

Bahrain Mirror: Responding to press statements of Ministry of Education in which it stressed that it had referred the certificates' fakers to the Public Prosecution, the Prosecution said that it has not received any notifications regarding the issue of fake academic degrees.

"The Ministry of Education referred to the Public Prosecution, five years ago, the case of a private university which forged official documents", said Acting Attorney General, Head of the Public Prosecutor's Technical Office, Ahmed Al-Qurashi.

The Ministry of Education has accused the university of tampering with the accreditation certificates issued by the Higher Education Council, faking the students' grades and using forged documents. The prosecution carried out its investigations in this case and referred the case to the competent court that issued its ruling and punished the fakers.

Al-Qurashi said that the Public Prosecution would deal with any new cases of fake degrees, take legal action against suspects and refer them to stand criminal trial.

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Public Prosecution

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