Evaluation of Academic Qualifications Committee: Examining Scientific Certificates and Qualifications for Public and Private Sectors to Begin after Eid Holiday

2018-08-22 - 10:09 am
Ministry of Education

Bahrain Mirror: An official in the National Committee for the Evaluation of Academic Qualifications affiliated with the Ministry of Education said that "procedures for the examination of scientific certificates and qualifications are to begin immediately after Eid holiday through a specialized committee."

He explained, according to "Akhbar Al-Khaleej", that "for the very first time, the ministry will be competent to review qualifications in the private sector and, through this, the ministry will be responsible for all university qualifications and certificates in Bahrain."

The official indicated that the committee will do its best in the coming days to review the scientific qualifications of those who had obtained scientific qualifications from outside Bahrain and will then submit their initial reports to legal affairs so that they could be referred to the Public Prosecution.

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Ministry of Education

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