Private School Principal Referred to Trial over Case of Selling Rotten Food to Students

2018-10-12 - 8:58 p

Bahrain Mirror: Chief Prosecutor of Ministries and Public Bodies said the Public Prosecution had launched an investigation into a notice by the Public Health Directorate concerning food poisoning of a number of students at a private school after eating food from the school canteen. Laboratory examination and test results of food samples showed contamination of the foodstuff.

The Public Prosecution launched an investigation immediately after receiving the notice and questioned the school principal who was found responsible for the canteen she was running without being registered with the Public Health Directorate. It has also been found out that food was brought to the school canteen from a food company owned by her and her husband. The Public Prosecution accused her of trading in foodstuff that is unfit for human consumption and harmful to health, running a foodstuff outlet without registration with the Public Health Directorate, negligence in cleaning and maintaining the outlet and the tools and devices in it and taking up a commercial activity without authorization from the competent party. The case was referred to the Low Criminal Court.

The Family and Child Prosecution is investigating the case autonomously, the Chief Prosecutor of Ministries and Public Bodies said. 


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