Fawzia Zeinal has No Rival over Presidency of New Parliament so Far

2018-12-05 - 10:16 p

Bahrain Mirror: No member of the new parliament has so far expressed his\her intention to run for the post of speaker of the House of Representatives, except Fawzia Zeinal, who will receive the position by acclamation in the absence of a competitor.

It is quite interesting that a few number of MPs ran for the post of first deputy (Ghazi Al Rahma and Abdulnabi Salman) and second deputy president, which could mean the position will be in favor of Zeinal.

The Royal Court usually controls the MP who will preside over the House of Representatives through government representatives, with which it coordinate so that they give their votes to a specific person.

Since the opposition's boycott of the parliament, the House of Representatives appears to have little opposition except for Abdulnabi Salman, who was nominated representing the Progressive Democratic Tribune.

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