Million Bahrainis Use Facebook, 700,000 Instagram, 581,000 Twitter and 825,000 SnapChat: Statistics

2019-02-09 - 9:03 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's total population in January 2019 reached 1.60 million, and the total number of mobile subscribers reached 2.63 million, i.e. 164% more than the population, while internet users reached 1.54 million, Al-Watan newspaper reported on Friday, February 8, 2019.

According to a statistic conducted by the Hootsuite in coordination with We Are Social, the total number of social media outlets active users reached 1.30 million, and that of social media outlets applications on the mobile phones 1.10 million people.

The total of advertising audience on Facebook in Bahrain in January was 1 million users, including 73% males and 27% females, and the number of advertising audience per month on Instagram reached 700 thousand users, including 61% males and 39% females. Meanwhile, the number of active users per month on Twitter reached 581.5 thousand, 73% of whom are males and 27% females. Snapchat monthly users reached 825 thousand, with 50% of them males and 50% females. Meanwhile, the number of monthly active users on LinkedIn recorded 320 thousand users, including 73% males and 27% females.

The world's population reached 7.676 billion in January this year, the number of telephone users reached 5.112 billion. Meanwhile, the number of Internet users in the world reached 4.388 billion, and that of active users on social media outlets recorded 3.484 billion, while the number of users of social media outlets applications on phone reached 3.256 billion people.

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