Editorial: Who Should We Get Angry at?

2019-03-23 - 3:51 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Amid heaps of worries and hardships faced by Bahrainis, and the series of piled up bad news, Bahrainis were hit by the announcement that the House of Representatives approved on March 19, 201), the deduction of 230 million BD from the Unemployment Fund to finance the voluntary retirement program.

Perhaps one can say that every Bahraini is angry and outraged at this, except for the few who have benefited from the successive painful economic decisions taken by the authorities with the assistance of the Parliament. The Secretary General of the General Federation of Workers Trade Unions in Bahrain (GFWTUB), Hassan Al-Halwachi, summed up the sentiments of many Bahrainis by saying that "the House of Representatives has disappointed Bahrain's workers."

Some of these MPs, before the Parliament session, were as the Andalusian Minister Abu Bakr ibn Ammar described them as: "a cat imitating a lion's roar", whose "meow" is heard by all. Some believed they were as strong as lions in this Parliament; however, the citizens witnessed that most of the MPs turned into cats.

Amid this anger and frustration, the real and simple question is: Who should we get angry at? The ruling family, which runs the country unilaterally, the government of the elderly or the decorative [barren] parliament?

In tough circumstances related to homeland affairs, the sane usually urge everyone to control their emotions, act wisely, and understand their sentiments, so that they can be guided and steered towards the real influencers. Yet, who are they here?

Ever since the authorities implemented the political isolation law against a wide portion of the population, Bahrain's citizens have found that no one would have won in the parliamentary elections other than those who the authorities are satisfied with, and that is what happened indeed. There are hidden hands behind these MPs. They are used as a block wall. This is the only thing the authorities need them for. They want to take the decisions they want cruelly and oppressively without hesitation, and only use both the Shura and House of Representatives to approve them, leaving the public's anger strike like waves against the wall and break every time, without even getting wet.

There's an old slogan that used to be shouted by demonstrators: "Who steals the livelihood of poor?" The demonstrators would answer "who other than the Prime Minister". The prime minister is one of them, the most famous and the oldest, however, but he is not the only one. One can observe the opulence the king lives in. He and his sons act as if they are no less than the king of Saudi Arabia and UAE president in prestige and interests, even though he begs them for money.

The people of Bahrain watch as the events take place with a sigh: the horse racing, falconry, dog racing, triathlons, boxing contests, the strongest man race, poetry sessions, frequent art shows, let alone the distribution of grants to ministers and those close to the government, and many other matters remain hidden.

Bahrainis believe that they are being squeezed dry to provide abundance, so that those who sit on the chairs of power remain at their sumptuous level, and so that the King's sons enjoy their hobbies.

Who should we get angry at? Should we be angry at the MPs and the Shura members who accepted to play a role in this puppet show, and who are paying the debts of reaching this council, or at those who actually make the decisions regarding the livelihoods of poor, whose grandchildren began competing in the race of wealth for the first billion, while the elderly citizens wait for their turn standing in the housing service queue?

Who should we get angry at?

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