Bahrain Muslim Brotherhood Elects New Leadership Despite Gov’t Joining Alliance Classifying Group as Terrorist Organization

2019-03-22 - 1:17 am

Bahrain Mirror: The General Assembly of the Islamic Tribune Society Al-Menbar (Muslim Brotherhood) elected a new chairman for the Bahraini organization on Wednesday (March 20, 2019), although Bahrain joined an Arab alliance that classifies the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

The Brotherhood elected former MP Mohammed Ismail Al-Emadi as Secretary-General of the Assembly, replacing former Secretary-General Ali Ahmed.

A local newspaper reported that ten members were elected to the advisory body, which in turn elected Khalid Al-Qattan as its chairman and Adnan Boumoti' as his deputy.

At its first meeting, the advisory body selected six members from among its ten members to become members of the General Assembly. Hafez Saif was appointed as Deputy Secretary-General, Nasser Ali as Secretary, Abdel-Wahed Qarata as Secretary of Finance, Anas Boumoti' as Head of the Media Office, Nasser Al-Fadala as Head of Communication Office, and Adel Al-Thawadi as Head of Elections Office.

Bahrain has joined an alliance, comprising Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, which deems the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. The four-party alliance imposed a siege on Qatar over accusations of supporting the organization and destabilizing their countries.


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