Highest Religious Authority in Bahrain Announces his Rejection to Deal of Century

2019-05-31 - 12:28 am

Bahrain Mirror: The highest religious authority in Bahrain Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim announced his rejection to the "Deal of the Century", expressing his refusal to any introductory steps for the deal. He said that no one has the mandate to speak on behalf of Palestinians in this deal and severely criticized the Arab regimes involved in it.

Ayatollah Qassim said in a statement on Monday (May 27, 2019) "No to the deal of Trump and Israel. Deal of the Century: Who are the parties of the deal? We know that the first party of the deal is America and Israel - they planned and promoted it, and they are serious about rapidly implementing it."

He wondered "Where is the other party of this deal? Where are the Palestinians, who are concerned the most in the cause and the land around which the deal revolves? They are the ones concerned in the battle that devoured their souls and transformed their lives into the most difficult ones, and they see that their fate is linked to it. They reject the deal, and disown those who work to implement it, facilitate the way for it, or ignore the Palestinians' will and opposing stance."

"The opinion of the Arab and Islamic nation is the rejection, condemnation and confrontation of all those who raise their voice supporting this deal. Both nations consider that it is an unjust elimination of the Palestinian cause and a serious conspiracy against the land, people, sacred places, present and future," he said.

"It is a deal of humiliation, disgrace, and shame. Its core is bargaining on the nation's people, land, sacred places, religion, unity, and even presence for a handful of money. Nothing amounts to what is being bargained for; it is priceless, and all the money and lives can be sacrificed for its sake."

"After the rejection of the Palestinians and the Arab and Islamic nations, who is the authentic second party or the agent or guardian that is representing the Palestinians in the deal of the century?"

He stressed "No authenticity in the cause exceeds that of the Palestinians in terms of the unifying Arabism. There is no Arab ruling system in terms of its official known borders more authentic than the Palestinian system with regards to its affairs and no one has a proxy in this deal, which is rejected by the Palestinians. There is no legitimate or legal mandate to any regime that speaks on behalf of the Palestinians in this cause."

Moreover, the cause is related to an entire nation, and no one decides regarding it except those who represent all of the nation - in its war, peace and general affairs - as did the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of God be upon him and his family, and those who legitimately succeed him.

"The deal of the century has one party, namely Trump, Israel, and collaborators and implementers from the Arab regimes. Their collaboration represents a clear leadership of the will of the nation, whose religion, dignity, and pride refuses that it suffers humiliation, crushes itself for the enemies or be a tongue and sword against the brothers of religion, blood and history, namely Palestine's honorable people, Mujahedeen and noble fighters, for the benefit of Israel," Sheikh Isa highlighted.

"The deal of the century is a crime that disgraces every collaborator and supporter of it. Each one of them will be ashamed, humiliated and degraded as much as they contribute to it and pave the way for it."

"The deal of the century is only one of the crimes and conspiracies committed against the Palestinian cause and thwarted by the faithful will of the nation, the awareness and steadfastness of its people and the fierceness of their resistance. This deal will only reach utmost failure, and those who are chasing behind will only achieve shame and disgrace."

Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim concluded his statement saying that "Be the nation of Islam as you are in Islam, the conscious nation that is not exploited, the proud nation that is not humiliated, the giant nation that is not bought by money, and the courageous nation that is not intimidated by force."

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