Al-Aswad Responds to Interior Minister Statements: Existence of Thousands of Prisoners Doesn't Reveal Security Stability

2020-04-25 - 12:01 am

Bahrain Mirror: Former Al-Wefaq MP, Ali Al-Aswad, responded to statements issued by the Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, during a lecture at the Royal College of Command, Staff and National Defense in which he talked about the stability of security situation and what he called success in combating terrorism.

Al-Aswad said via his Twitter platform that "The stability of the security situation is not achieved with cameras and devices, the power of the state in maintaining security lies in how the executive apparatuses deal, the respect of human rights, establishing social justice and protecting the citizen from dangers."

"Bahrain is no exception, the presence of thousands of detainees in prisons does not mean stability or success."

Al-Aswad explained that "the political problem and security crisis that Bahrain has been experiencing for many years can't be left behind. Things cannot be left without a realistic approach for a long time. The slogans launched by the authority does not change the situation or develop a country. We have imprisoned minds, youth behind bars and leaders in prisons and exiles, and then we hear a speech about security stability."

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