A call to UN to Allow Bahrainis to Have their Say against Agreement that will be Signed with Israel: Al-Wefaq

2020-10-18 - 4:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society issued a statement on Saturday (October 17, 2020) on the agreement that will be signed tomorrow (Sunday) between the Zionist entity and the Bahraini regime in which it called on the United Nations and international community to urge the Bahraini regime to allow Bahrainis to have their say in this regard.  

Al-Wefaq said in the statement "In light of the Bahraini regime's dominance over taking sovereign decisions in terms of concluding agreements and deals that contradict the constitution, Bahraini consensus, and patriotic and national values, and the absence of any authority representing the people, and based on the requirements of the higher interest of Bahrain, we call on the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the international community to ask the Bahraini regime to allow Bahrainis to give their final word on the agreement between the Bahraini regime and the Zionist occupation government."

We affirm that the people of Bahrain need to express their opinion about this illegal agreement because the authorities engaged in it while they are practicing the utmost forms of suppressing, silencing, and preventing citizens from expressing their rejection of this agreement, which requires Bahrain to stop the military and security machine and stop using excessive force and repression.

"We announce that the world will witness that more than 95% of Bahrainis will express their opinion against the agreement and the normalization with the Zionists by all peaceful means. If the military and oppressive machine stopped, Bahrainis would all take to the streets and announce their rejection of this agreement, and form an impregnable barrier in the face of the upcoming visits of the occupying Zionists to Bahrain," the society added.

Al-Wefaq continued to say "Note that Bahrain has witnessed arrests over some anti-normalization stances, and the authorities have repressed and targeted every counter-movement. Any agreement without a popular mandate will remain null and worthless, and it will not be legitimate and will not represent Bahrain."

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