Only 3 Deaths among Fully Vaccinated against COVID-19, Says Jameela Al-Salman

2021-04-14 - 1:30 am
Jameela Al-Salman

Bahrain Mirror: A member of Bahrain's National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19), consultant of infectious and internal diseases at Salmaniya Medical Complex, Dr. Jameela Al-Salman, revealed there were only 3 cases of death among those vaccinated with two doses against COVID-19.

"Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign until now, according to the records of the National Vaccination Campaign, we found that the number of people who died due to complications from contracting the COVID-19 virus has amounted to only 3 among those who received the vaccination by two doses and completed 14 days of the second dose, and that is out of 561, the total number of deaths," noted Al-Salman, adding that the death rate among those vaccinated by two doses and completed 14 days is (0.0012%), all of whom had underlying diseases and health conditions.

Al-Salman stressed "the need to take the anti-Coronavirus vaccination, since it provides protection for the individual, his family and his community," reaffirming "the safety and effectiveness of the vaccinations that contribute to relieving the severity of symptoms in cases that may be infected after receiving the vaccination."


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Jameela Al-Salman

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