Lebanese Interior Minister Issues Directives Banning Two Events for Bahraini Opposition

2022-02-10 - 11:20 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Lebanese Interior Minister issued directives banning Bahraini opposition from holding two events in one of Lebanon's hotels, on the anniversary of Bahrain's February 14 uprising in Bahrain.

Lebanese media outlets said "based on circulation of publications that include an invitation to hold two events in Lebanon on February 11 and 14, the first entitled: The Political Right in Bahrain Uprising, and the second entitled: Bahrain: Injustice and Darkness, in Al-Saha Hotel, Airport Road."

"If these two events were to take place, they would undermine official Bahraini authorities and Gulf Arab states, thus blocking efforts by Lebanon to boost ties with these countries," Mawlawi justified.

He added that "the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, and in consultation with Prime Minister Najib Mikati, sent two letters to the security services requesting that the hotel management be immediately informed that they did not obtain legal permissions."

The statement pointed out that "all necessary investigative measures have been taken to collect information on the organizers and invitees."

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