Sheikh Sanqour: Plans to Address Unemployment Superficial

2022-07-18 - 8:11 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sheikh Mohammed Sanqour, preacher of Diraz Mosque, said that plans to address unemployment in Bahrain are superficial.

Sheikh Sanqour stressed that the solutions proposed by the government are still unable to eradicate the problem from its roots, asking whether the treatment of this problem is intractable.

"The nature of this problem does not accept patch solutions," he said, adding "the unemployment problem is either addressed radically or it will worsen." 

"Every year, a large number of citizens of various specialties graduate and become ready to receive job training. If the latest batch of graduates is preceded by other batches, who are still waiting for their turn to receive training for job centers, what can superficial solutions produce?" he wondered.

"It is such solutions that have led doctors, engineers, teachers and others to remain jobless. These unemployed are frustrated, especially since they find that the posts, where they are qualified to work, are occupied by foreigners," he said.

"Where is the seriousness of Bahrainizing jobs?" he asked. "How long do large companies and public departments need to terminate the contracts they have signed with foreign workers that Bahrainis are able to occupy?"

"Why is the government lenient with venture capitalists and hiring managers in various departments who have flooded the country with foreign employment in various positions under flimsy pretexts?"

He went on to ask why are they turning a blind eye to "hiring managers who practice sectarian discrimination in the job selection process". 

Sanqour further stated that realistic seriousness in finding rigorous solutions, actively seeking to embrace the potentials of the country's youths, and giving priority to Bahraini cadres without discrimination or politicization contributes to stability and sustainable development.

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