Ahead of IPU Conference, Bahrain Arrests Two Citizens, Punishes Others for Using Social Media Outlets

2023-03-10 - 1:17 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of two citizens for seven days and replaced the detention of other citizens with an "alternative measure" for allegedly "misusing social media outlets".

The head of the Cybercrime Prosecution said that the Public Prosecution investigated those who it called "the accused" and "confronted them with exposing the phrases and recordings they circulated on social media" that it claimed "they harm public order and the requirements of protecting security and national peace," based on notices form the Anti-Cyber Crimes Directorate affiliated with the Interior Ministry.

The Interior Ministry announced on March 8, 2023 the arrest of four, without disclosing their identities, for misusing social media and claimed that the arrested posted against civil peace and social stability values in a way that disturbs the security and safety of society.

The directorate called upon social media users to follow legal rules and seek information from official sources.

These arrests and measures carried out by the Bahraini authorities coincided with the imminent holding of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) 146th General Assembly meetings in Manama between March 11 and March 15, in the presence of representatives of parliaments of several countries, amid calls from human rights organizations for representatives of parliaments to raise human rights issues in Bahrain. 

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