Bahrain is mostly paralyzed for the second day and Takbeer shouts echo from homes on the eve of the 14 Feb anniv

2015-02-14 - 10:31 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Severe clashes between police and protestors took place during dozens of demonstrations to mark the 4th anniversary of the 14th February, on Friday. This year's anniversary coincides with the arrest of the most prominent opposition leader, Sheikh Ali Salman, Secretary General of Al Wefaq society.

The protests, across three times, in the early morning, after midday prayer and at night, for the second consecutive day marched in several areas around Bahrain that are considered the stronghold of the opposition. Meanwhile, the police widely used shotguns, C4 bombs and tear gas to scatter the crowds.

The security forces enhanced their presence in the surrounding of Lulu roundabout, which witnessed the outbreak of the events in 2011, through deploying more vehicles and barbed wires, whilst glorification of Allah shouts echoed from homes on the eve of 14th February.

The protestors chanted anti-government slogans and blocked the streets by bricks, sand barriers and burning tires.

Many injuries occurred among the protestors, were reported by activists. In this context, a child was injured in his head by a C4 bomb shot by police during a protest in Buri, south of Manama, the capital. In addition, Haj Hussein Ali Ahmed Al Jazeeri received a shotgun in his face when the police was scattering a protest in Al Diah.
Bahrain Human Rights Society reported other injuries that took place in Karrana during the morning.

The revolutionary forces that called to commemorate 14th February anniversary this year declared that almost 300 protestors were injured and their injuries varied from medium to severe.

The forces presented numbers and said "they are statistics for a day and half of the refusal strike". These statistics included "blocking more than 430 internal and highways streets", "security forces' raiding more than 23 homes", "arresting more than 17 citizens" and "marching more than 66 demonstrations in various countries".

From its side, Bahrain Human Rights Society said, "it had monitored during the early hours of morning (from 6a.m to 12p.m) the march of 11 demonstrations, exposure of 12 areas to security forces' oppression and arrest of 2 citizens."

Activists confirmed that 10 youth were arrested while the security forces were raiding a building in Al Maqsha, west of Manama. Meanwhile, the police attacked women's obsequies "Um Al Hassan Obsequies" in Al Sanabis by sound bombs.

Intelligence and community police agents patrolled the shops in the old market in Manama warning their owners from responding to the strike calls and closing the shops in the afternoon under penalty of "withdrawal of the commercial register".

In Diraz, east of Manama, a large demonstration was launched after Friday's prayer, condemning the arrest of Sheikh Ali Salman. Photos and banners confirming that "Bahrainis have rightful cause that must be heeded without doubt" were raised during the protest.

Other demonstrations were organized around Bahrain counties, such as, Sar, Bilad Al Qadeem, Al Sanabis, Sitra, Northen and Southern Sahla, Mahooz, As Salihiyah, Shahrakkan, Abu Saiba, Shakhura, Al Hajar, Nuwaidarat, Al Juffair, Al Qalaa, Al Musalla, Jidhafs, Kawarah, Malkiya, Zinj and Buri.

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