US Democratic Party Member: Bahraini King Missed Camp David Summit at the Request of the US

2015-05-15 - 11:44 م

Bahrain Mirror: The US Democratic Party Member Mahdi Afifi has stated that the King of Bahrain Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa didn't attend the Camp David Summit upon the request of the United States, in a series of comments he made during an interview with Russia Today, posted on their website.

Afifi further stated that the absence of the Saudi monarch King Salman from the meetings between the US President Barack Obama and the gulf leaders is a sign of dissatisfaction with the US administration's policy. However, it is at the same time an attempt to bring the second class Saudi leaders who received their education in the US to the forefront.

He also added that the Bahraini king's absence was at the request of the Americans because of Washington's remarks about Bahrain's domestic policies.

According to Afifi, Obama will seek to drive away the Arab Gulf states' fears from Iran, yet he will not give up his plans to normalize US relations with Tehran.

The US activist also explained how Iran created a lobby in the US that helped influence White House policies, pointing out the difference between its Diplomatic and political stance towards Iran and towards Arab countries.

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