What Would We Like to Say to Candidates? Nothing, Just Look at the Official Numbers

2022-10-26 - 2:21 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The following are the numbers that candidates should be aware of before the campaigns of false promises begin. This is an example of the reality of the situation in this island kingdom, an example of official numbers and statistics reported by parliamentary committees, which remain to have no solution in sight.


There are more than 15,000 unemployed people in Bahrain. The unemployment rate among Bahrainis qualified to work has reached 20%, according to the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions.


6% of job seekers with bachelor's degrees registered in the ministry are graduates of medical specialties, and 500 job seekers of different specialties.


There are 100 unemployed dentists according to 2020 figures. Despite the Labor Minister's claim to have zeroed unemployment in nursing and pharmacy, the number of foreign nurses in the Ministry of Health is at least 1,451.


There are more than 3000 and 800 foreigners holding jobs in the Ministry of Education, noting that 45% of those who quitted their jobs within the optional retirement program previously announced by the government were Bahrainis working in the educational field.


The number of foreigners in the Ministry of Municipal Affairs amounts to 537 employees, and their average salary is BD 753.


There are 402 unemployed graduates of computer majors, 319 unemployed of sociology majors, 75 unemployed in psychology, and 81 graduates of social work bachelor's degrees.


There are at least 541 foreigners working in Alba.


Last September, it was confirmed that the government had stopped paying overtime wages in all ministries, institutions and government agencies, provided that overtime hours are compensated for days off.


The percentage of Bahraini families who depend on financial aid to meet their basic daily needs is about 47%.


These are all official figures that candidates will find in the reports of past parliamentary committees, in the statements of ministers and other sources.


We will not mention the more than a thousand political prisoners, as they are not among the priorities of the candidates, and we will not mention that corruption in the country has become public. The funds of the Insurance Authority, the Tamkeen Labor Fund, the Labor Market Regulatory Authority and the incomes of government companies have become a form of wealth accessible to the country's "elite".


We will not even talk about the absent freedom of expression, nor about the intractable political crisis in the country, nor about discrimination, nor about stealing the dreams of the top graduates, who are deprived of the scholarships announced every year.


We are just reminding you, male and female candidates, that you will not be able to do anything more than earning a monthly salary and losing your conscience forever.


As for the lie that some candidates are promoting that what they are doing is "for the sake of keeping the national voice present in parliament", we tell them to take a look at these figures, they voice the real struggles of the people.

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